Las Vegas Haul: Fashion

Now let the world know that I went to Vegas to work (@OffPrice Cash&Carry), not spend money. I didn’t expect to spend money at all. But when there is jewelry surrounding me constantly…that makes it a little bit more complicated.


JC Sunny Fashion IMAG3442


I’m going to the East coast for college and I knew I needed something warm to cover my hands.

So when I was working with my aunt, she said that I could take whatever I wanted (but there was no way I could take too much coz some of her stuff is somewhat expensive and I don’t want to make her lose money) and mittens were a must have! They look pretty plain (I was originally going to get the white one, but knowing me, I was probably going to make it super dirty in no time and I didn’t want to ruin such a nice pair of mittens as soon as I started using it…) but they are so soft and super warm on the inside! Honestly, I probably would’ve ended up spending like $20+ for a pair of mittens like this but my aunt was selling it for $10. Gotta say, pretty cheap. IMAG3441

Now, I’m usually not a shawl person but when I saw this I thought it was so cute! I just wasn’t so sure about it because I was worried that once I wear it, it would make me look older than I actually am but when I put it on and looked in the mirror, it was really cute on! And I wanted it!

It’s thick and warm and such a great piece to kind of throw on when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or during a spontaneous night out. Too cute to pass up. #sorrynotsorry

Sam Davis Designs 

I love rings, let it be known. I love them for a passion. Out of all the kinds of jewelry out there in the world, rings are the best! So I love finding new rings and going through my favourites. The pictures I took don’t do it no justice. IMAG3450

This is a rose gold ring that is medium sized. They had an extra large on and a really thin ring. This was definitely the best of the other two.

Who doesn’t like some nature inspired jewelry? Of all the rings I saw that were nature inspired, this was the best. It’s pretty much like a leaf wrapped around my finger. An aged leaf. IMAG3448


I’ve been meaning to find myself a good Claddagh right tht wasn’t super expensive and was a good way to start my Claddagh ring collection (a lot of the rings out there are made of sterling silver + gem but I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to something that serious since they can get pretty pricey!). This was a great alternative because the band wasn’t too thin (thin bands make my fingers look super fat and I hate that the most!) and the design was pretty obvious. Can’t wait to start wearing it!

OMG BlingsIMAG3447

Let it be known that after rings, I love dainty necklaces next. But I hate statement necklaces. I love jewelry that doesn’t feel like it’s weighing me down. I want fashion to be somewhat comfortable after all!

So when I saw OMG Blings collection I knew I had to buy some stuff. And the necklace above is what caught my eye for the first time I looked at their booth. I think what I loved this necklace the most is that if it’s turned the other way the pattern is still the same. What I hate the most in jewelry is if I accidentally wear it inside out the inside is usually hollowed out and I hate that all the most! This is just gorgeous, and turquoise is totally in! IMAG3446


This was the cheapest of the bunch but it’s totally cute. It’s like a large pendant that has rose gold detailing with grew gems. I think the contrast in colors is totally amazing and gorgeous. Really cannot wait to wear it with my block colored clothes! IMAG3444

I got the matching earring for the necklace above (turquoise + gold). Enough said. IMAG3443

So if you have seen my pictures you will know that I part my hair in the middle and I love some hippie head bands but I have never found any that I enjoy.IMAG3410

I found them so I bought two! I bought a pink + dark metal chain and an all black one. What I love about this is that it can be worn as a necklace too! Totally multipurpose.
IMAG3451Of all the jewelry that I bought I was most excited for this one and yet I was also most disappointed in this one. This was the most expensive piece of jewelry I bought and it broke within the hour of wearing it.

It makes me very sad that such a gorgeous necklace is so flimsy…Regardless, I’m going to withhold my judgment on OMG Blings because the rest of their jewelry is so beautiful! Still, not pleased.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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