Maya Cross ‘Alpha’ Trilogy Review

Now, this review can be extremely controversial because of the whole society-disliking-BDSM/sexual stuff in books- which is a lot of the reason why a lot of authors disguise it using metaphors or similes and such literary devices from preventing their book from getting lashed out too much.

Regardless, I must admit that I did not go looking for this book.

I was scrolling through my Facebook and saw an advertisment through Amazon that the first book of this trilogy was free on Kindle so I thought, why not? It was a Saturday morning and I had nothing better to do than read so I “bought” it, downloaded it and began to read.

Now this is called a trilogy but don’t get mixed up with other trilogies like The Hunger Games. The ‘novels’ are not exactly novels because they don’t exceed 200 pages which is a good and bad thing depending on the reader. For me, on a Saturday morning, it was a good thing because it meant that if I didn’t like the first book, I didn’t have to commit to reading the rest of the two books to fulfill the hole inside of me after reading the first book. (I like to finish the whole series if I start so I try to avoid series if I know I won’t like it)

Anyway, so the first book was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. And it actually disappointed me that it was so short!

The first book actually starts off in a different way which surprised me because sadly I thought it would be similar to 50 Shades. I loved the way it began because it really helped foreshadow the relationship the two main characters would have: mysterious yet luxurious.

Something that I must disclose is that if you really enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey then you might find this series somewhat mediocre in BDSM but I actually prefered the BDSM in this novel because it was simpler, and it was also a lot more relatable. I mean, let’s be real, how many of us girls are going to find a multimillionaire who likes to spank girls with a leather belt? It might be somewhat more realistic to find a multimillionaire that likes to blindfold and bind a girl to a bed or on a bed. No offense (if you have one of those kind of men, or women, then good for you! If it is indeed good for you.).

Anyway, moving on, the second novel is a little bit more meh, but what I love about this series is that the author stopped it at a climax/cliffhanger so that we would want to know what happened to the couple and honestly, I really hate that, but somehow Cross managed to make it work really well.

Now, this novel is meh in the fact that I don’t remember anything that happens in this novel, and if I don’t remember, that means that it’s meh. It’s good, but not good to the point where I remember much.

However the second novel is where you see the huge plot change happening (one of the only things I actually remember) and you realize that this novel has a legit plot other than an attractive and masculine man playing with a beautiful and sexy woman’s body.

The third novel is when it gets interesting and completely action packed.

I really did enjoy the third novel the most because it’s the best of both worlds: there was action, mystery, romance and lots of sex. But most of all, it showed the development of a trusting relationship that wasn’t just bound on having sex. Which I think is why a lot of people criticize 50 Shades because there’s no legit plot: just a couple having kinky sex and getting to a trusting relationship-y place.

I really enjoyed this series but I think it could’ve probably be put into one whole book, or maybe even two books, but I guess that wouldn’t sound as great…

Regardless, I totally recommend this trilogy! I recommend it because it’s somewhat more realistic than other kinds of BDSM but at the same time has action and mystery. What surprises me more is that the author managed to entwine all these kinds of genre’s into a trilogy seamlessly in the most simple and quick ways.

Like throughout the series, you could read hints of something bigger happening but you would never know what it was about. It would always keep you guessing.

Also, who doesn’t like a good plot twist? Because there are TWO (yeah, TWO!) great plot twists in the third book that really makes the reader super surprised and literally makes your jaw drop and your heart pounding.

But is this novel all perfect and no flaws?

Of course not. There are flaws like I did feel that there were too many characters in such a short novel. Towards the end of trilogy there are so many characters that it’s hard to keep your head straight! I think in the last novel about 3 new characters were introduced that only managed to be seen in one scene, some for even a few sentences.

But I think what I love about this novel is that it doesn’t focus JUST on the sexual relationship of the two but also on other aspects of the person’s life. The series feels like reading about a normal novel about life, relationship and family (even though family is little to not prevalent).

Regardless, this trilogy is quite amazing and is a definite read.

You have been warned though that this series is a quick read! I read all three novels in about 12 hours? But in between snacking, exercising and having breakfast/lunch.

Let me know if there are any books out there that you guys would like me to review next! I’m all about trying new things and reading new books from different authors (:

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