San Francisco Haul: Beauty Edition


Obviously I went beauty shopping. How can I stop? I actually spent a lot more money on beauty products that I thought I would… but I guess that means more things for me to review. Let’s get into it! P.S. I know that the picture format may end up pissing you guys off, but I couldn’t do much to change it. Sorry! P.P.S. I know P.S’ aren’t meant to be used at the beginning of anything..

The Face Shop


I found out about The Face Shop when I was at Canada the weekend before my graduation. I knew about The Body Shop but I had never heard of The Face Shop so I was very intrigued. IMG_3489

And for those who have never heard of The Face Shop or do not live in California and the East Coast, it is pretty much a Korean skincare/make up shop that carries Korean products (at a somewhat expensive price, depending on what you are looking for).


So when I went inside I was literally in a mini heaven. But what I gravitated towards the most was the large range of face masks that are hard to find in many American stores for such a cheap price. Literally, they were like $2-$6 price range. I just couldn’t pass it up. Then I bought 4 face masks, used one and then was scared I wouldn’t get my hands on them again. (I know there is online, but my parents are randomly strict about me buying stuff…) IMG_3491

But then I went to Japan Center in San Fran, saw this store and went a little nuts. I bought a lot more, and I was so happy when I left Japantown, even though I was kinda disappointed with the “town”. Still, I was satisfied.


Also, I couldn’t pass up on this blush when I saw it in the cosmetic island that was there. The cute packaging was just too great. I also have to stray away from my Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick blush at some point, so I thought, why not give this a try? It was also pretty inexpensive compared to other blushes I had in mind so, I thought why not.


This blush is small and compact. It would be an amazing blush to travel with that gives you a lot more color than it looks like it would.


To describe this pink shade, I would describe it as thus: baby pink with a hint of peach.


They also give you quite a generous amount of samples depending on your skin tone.

Seriously, if you live within a proximity of The Face Shop, you have no idea how lucky you are.

Japanese Supermarket

IMG_3505   My aunt had went inside to see if she could buy some groceries and honestly I wasn’t looking for anything. But then I accidentally strayed away from my boyfriend and walked into the small beauty aisle in the supermarket and…saw this. IMG_3507

I remember a YouTuber talking about Dolly Wink and it is a Japanese brand. I think the YouTuber was BubzBeauty although I’m not sure…

Anyway, I saw this and saw that it was in brown and thought that I must have it.  IMG_3508

So I bought it. Surprise surprise.




Pretty much what happened was that I saw a lot of YouTubers use this mascara and thought that it was time I gave it a try.



This mascara is literally the at the moment and I knew I would want to try it.



Funny story though, when I was looking at it in the Too Faced counter I thought that the box was just a display for the mascara because the box had all that information sticking out. But then I realized that it was legit and still thought it was funny because it’s such a waste of trees to give the purchaser those statistics.



Let’s be real: we’ve all heard of the amazing cover up abilities of this concealer.



It’s thick and creamy. ‘nough said.



The perfect dark circle concealer? I’ll let you guys know!

Also, the packaging itself just feels expensive!


I’ve been craving a YSL lipstick for such a long time. I actually have a list of all the make up I want at the moment, and this is definitely on the list.


I chose a gorgeous light hot pink shade. I call this a light hot pink because I know that they have another shade that is a lot darker/pinker than this shade. I feel that this would be the perfect lip stick to bring to a romantic and formal date and have in your clutch.


It really just makes applying lipstick a lot more glamorous that what it really is.



Okay, who is guilty for buying things from the Sephora line of doom? Me! I thought that this would be a travel friendly deodorant to have with me when I’m going places.


But I can tell y’all right off the bat that I don’t think this was worth the month.

It definitely smells good, but had horrible lasting power.

Step it up please, Fresh.

Laline Skincare


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of this packaging?


It pretty much wasn’t my intention to purchase this night cream.

But apparently they were having a 70% off promotion off certain products if you purchased a face product and at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that extra $9 but then I knew I needed a night cream so I was thinking, why not!

Plus, a $9 night cream? Almost impossible to find elsewhere!


Cute and feminine. Anything else to say?

I think not.


This jar though! As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. I didn’t even know what it was for until I read the description. I was just in love with the damn jar!

I know for a fact that I will be definitely using this jar as a decorative piece in my room. It’s happening. Don’t judge me.




New Maybelline Mascara. I wanna see if it’s as good as the other mascaras that Maybelline is pretty famous for.

Although, I’m sad I didn’t get to see the huge display 😦


This has literally been in my wishlist for so long! And I finally got it!


I’ve been pretty disappointed with the CoverGirl 3 in 1 foundation so I’m praying that this foundation will be better!


I’ve heard about these for awhile now, and I finally managed to get my hands on the color I want!


This is the Rimmel Show Off Laquer in Apocolipictic.

IMG_3522   IMG_3511

I was pretty much browsing and saw these. I haven’t heard of anyone talk about them and honestly, I didn’t have a ton of hope for chubby lip products but I just decided to go for it so I bought two!




This color is #220. It kinda is a pink shade with a hint of purple. I actually think that this color would do great for a summer to fall transition. It’s a cooler color and it would just look nice as you’re walking onto school campus.




This color is a pink coral. And I’m usually not a huge fan of coral colors- mostly because I dislike orange and orange on me kind of makes me look disgusting.

But this lip color have a small hint of orange (kinda like the 220, where there is a small hint of plum) and it looks very flattering on my skin tone. It has given me confidence to try more natural corals.


Obviously I did a shit ton of shopping.

And what does shopping come with?


But the reviews for a majority of these products will not come until probably the end of summer. If you have seen my Sephora haul, those reviews are being written up as I write this post. So seriously, stay tuned!

I really shouldn’t be doing any more shopping should I…? >_<

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today! And have a very happy 4th of July!!


sofieyah ∞


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