San Francisco Haul: Fashion Edition

I went to California.

And then I went shopping.

Anything else to say?

No, not really.

Except for the fact that I actually spent a lot more money on beauty products than clothes so this post isn’t as long as my beauty haul. And also because I’m really picky about the type of clothes I buy and how it hangs on me and whether or not I’ll get a ton of uses out of it. So I didn’t buy a lot of clothes. Plus, I bought two large coats so I couldn’t fit any much more.

Anyway, here we go!





Let’s be real, are you one of those people that purchase clothes when they are full priced or on sale?

…I just realized how mean that question is. Of course we are both kinds of people. There are good and bad shops to go shopping for sales but in this case, I think H&M is one of those good places to go shopping during sales (which should be almost all year around).

I would probably never buy winter clothes from H&M because I’m cheap like that but when I headed over to the sales section (by accident by the way, because I don’t usually tend to gravitate towards sales, especially since sales are usually out of season clothes) and I saw so many cute winter coats that I would totally wear and I could totally bring to the east coast.

So I was deciding between this and a beige one. But I wanted this one except it was just a size too big and when I asked my boyfriend for an opinion he just told me,
“The beige one makes you look like a detective who lives off ramen.” And I don’t want that look. So I went for the dark navy and I am actually very happy that I went with the navy. Because when I wear it in the dead of winter, I’m going to want layers. Let’s be honest, the east coast during the winter time is too cold to not layer it up. I gotta stock up on winter clothes!



But just because I go shopping in the sales section it doesn’t mean I can’t buy summer clothes!

I have been meaning to find a nice kimono and I’m oddly picky about it. I wanted a long kimono that went down to around my knees with a full length long sleeve. However this kimono was short sleeve and honestly, I wasn’t going to get it because of that. But that didn’t stop me from trying it. And it looked good on me. It fell on my body very nicely and despite the short sleep, it didn’t look as square as t-shirt short sleeves.

And it was $10. I don’t have much to complain about.

But I would only wear this on those really hot days, since it is a short sleeve.



Anything else to say about this besides that it’s a nice green (that I don’t like but somehow looks good on my body so, hey, I’m going to roll with it) on my body, and it’s light but easy to layer. It’s just an army version of the first coat but a lot shorter and can make my outfit a lot more casual. I love it.

Topshop- Nordstrom



Since I went to California, I was a lot less conservative with my money. And honestly, I had been hearing about YouTubers buying clothes from Top Shop a lot and had wanted to go check it out but my parents are really mean about me spending money on things because they think it’s useless (fashion is soooo not useless!) so, I went to Nordstrom.

I actually originally bought another two tops but they were both expensive and as soon as I left the shop I regretted buying the tops so I went back to return it.

But I wanted a pair of cut out boyfriend jeans and these looked gorgeous on me. Plus, it is also a light color so I can wear it any season.

Also, these can be rolled up or down, so it is really multi purpose.

Plus, it was on sale. It cannot get any better than that.

Uni Qlo IMG_3476

My boyfriend actually wanted to go inside because it’s a Japanese clothing store that sells lifestyle comfortable clothes but I ended up doing the most shopping.

I honestly have too much maxi skirts, and I realized that as soon as I put this up in my closet and I counted like 5 maxi skirts. Too much.

But I love this one for the following reasons:

1. The material is CRAZY soft. When I wore it, my boyfriend kept stroking my leg because the material was so soft. I kept on slapping his hand away because my family was around me.

2. The price was crazy reasonable. I don’t remember the price, but I remember being surprised by the price and thinking how much Forever 21 would actually charge for the same piece. It would probably the $50’s but this dress ~$30. I know this doesn’t SOUND cheap, but it really is.

3. Inside bra. No bra necessary. Thanks Uui Qlo.

4. IT ISN’T CRAZY LONG! I love maxi’s (evidently) but I can rarely buy any maxi’s from stores like F21 or H&M because they are designed for thin tall people aka models. And just a note, what percentage of the female population is tall AND thin? No offence but if F21 were more reasonable with their clothes, they would probably have a lot more buyers. Not really complaining because it’s not like I’m super fat or super short, but I’m that awkward range where finding clothes ends up becoming a chore after awhile and I lose the motivation. Sadly. But anyway, this dress is literally, the PERFECT length for my height.

I officially love Uni Qlo.

Excuse the rambling.

And if you are a F21 fan, don’t hate me for what I said above. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of my clothes are actually from Forever 21 because a lot of their clothes are quite affordable (unless it’s coats generally). So I do enjoy F21 but just dislike the sizing…


Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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