My Favourite YouTubers #2

Here it is, part two!

I finally finished it and I didn’t realize how long this list was.

Before you guys start this list, I must let you all know that I subscribe to a lot of beauty YouTubers out of choice and there are times when it feels like a drag even though I love it. So, even though I love them, I also see that their personality helps me enjoy my videos even more.


Michelle Phan

I don’t actually use any of her tutorials because most of her make up looks are really out there and are not suitable for going out every day. But her creativity inspires me to try new things and just try new styles (not really make up, but just fashion and such) so I love watching her videos.

Amelia Liana

Can we just talk about how gorgeous and glam she is? Anyway, she lives in England so a lot of the stuff she usually likes I cannot buy, however I really enjoy watching her videos because she tries different things that other YouTubers I watch don’t usually watch.


I don’t quite know why I love watching her videos. She’s just so glam and chill and it never feels like a drag watching her. I actually prefer her videos that are non-beauty related because her beauty likes are a bit more out of range for me.

Bethany Mota

I think almost every girl knows who she is. She’s my age and is so famous she’s pretty much match point with Michelle Phan. I just love her easy going attitude really. Also, she makes pretty fun and interesting DIY’s.


The first beauty YouTuber I’ve ever watched and she is just fun. Like some other YouTubers I cannot really pay attention to everything she likes because she lives in another country but it’s just fun watching her do her make up and just generally beaty stuff. Also, check out her videos with Tim.

Casey Holmes

I just love watching her hauls is pretty much why I love watching her videos. I think her hauls are the best way for me to know what’s on trend and what type of things I can venture out onto.

Claire Marshall

This might sound shallow but I found her and subscribed to her because she was Asian. But then I fell in love with her videos because she has a very edgy personality that makes every single one of her videos fun and interesting to watch. It’s also to see what she likes and what I likes by comparison.


I originally felt annoyed by the two girls. I actually stumbled upon them twice before I subscribed to them on the third time and then just fell in love with their videos and just their general bubbly personality. If you want a YouTuber (or, more appropriately, YouTuberS) who prefers drugstore make up rather than high end, then they are definitely the YouTubers to look towards.


I don’t know why I love her so much but she is just so totally uncensored that she always makes me laugh no matter what she is talking about. Her beauty videos are so simple and natural that if you like natural looks, she’s pretty much the best person to look towards to know what is simple and easy.

Fleur DeForce

Another British gal I enjoy to watch. She is so fun and screams elegance with her choice of make up, and even lifestyle bits. I enjoy watching her fashion hauls. She can really put together two unlikely clothing items and make it into a very nice and somewhat conservative outft.

From Head To Toe

She really enjoys a lot of high end make up (I actually very very rarely see her videos have any drugstore make up products) but she also has very good recommendations. I actually love her lookbooks and she doesn’t do it enough!


It’s very rare to see a man that is a make up artist but I enjoy his videos because he reviews a lot of high end products and give out a lot of high end product recommendations. If you want a man’s opinion, I do think Wayne is the best way to go.


She does the best reviews and comparisons on products. If you want a product reviewed, or if you want to see if you should get a product, then go to her.


She’s just plain fun to watch. She really seems to find the most simple things in life joyful and that’s something I really admire about her when i’m watching her videos.

Nicole Guerriero

She’s so chill and easy going that her videos really reflect that. Her videos are just so fun. I also really pay attention to her recommendations/favourites. Also, P.S she gives out a lot of nice discount codes 😉


Cute, cute, cute. She is so happy and easy going. I do feel that she doesn’t upload as much as she used to, but she’s so amazing. I love her and enjoy her cheery attitude when watcing videos.

Tanya Burr

There is only one word I can do to describe her: cute. She is so cute and energetic that it really is enjoying to watch her videos. It’s so fun watching her. I love her beauty videos, but I also love her non-beauty videos because it shows me who she is as a person and it’s just fun. I am kind of sad that she’s not much of a vlog person…but that’s okay, because Jim (her fiance) does.


I think she is definitely one of those underappreciated YouTubers who deserve a lot more recognition. She really does some amazing videos. She pretty much uploads a video once every weekday and each day is differently themed. Her videos are always very thorough and enjoyable.


I love her recommendations. I think she really does an amazing job reviewing products (even though she doesn’t do videos like that often) and I really love watching her videos with Arnold. Those are literally my favourites.


Aside from the fact that she’s my friend, she also really loves high end make up. So when I watch a good recommendation for a high end make up product, I always know who to turn to.


She, to me, is leaning towards lifestyle than make up/beauty but there are times when she emphasizes more towards beauty…I don’t know. I love watching her videos when she’s talking about clothes or hair or making food. Her voice reminds me of a pixie…She should really be Tinkerbell’s voice over some time…

My San Francisco trip was so fun, and is also over the day this post is published. My blogaries will be uploaded quite soon and so will be the things I bought!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞


One thought on “My Favourite YouTubers #2

  1. Hey! Just followed your blog. I’m a YouTube addict as well, and I just started my own channel. It would make me so happy if you were to watch some of my videos and let me know how I’m doing 🙂

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