My Favourite YouTubers #1

I decided to make a list of all the YouTubers I love in each category. I also have a Beauty Category but I won’t be done with it in time to post this post, so I decided to split it. Plus, just the Beauty Category alone is enough to generate as much words (1000+) as this post so, you know, I’m not too worried.

I am currently on vacation so around next Friday my blog post about my trip will become live. It might come out earlier depending on how I feel. Anyway, onto the list!




She has the cutest and easiest DIY projects. However, she doesn’t upload very often so it’s hard to get a grasp on when she uploads.


She is definitely lifestyle. She advocates for eating fully raw food so essentially, she’s a vegetarian or vegan in some senses. She’s very bright and easy to watch. She is also super positive.


She enjoys organic things. I think I found her when I was looking for ways to naturally lighten my hair and her video was one of the most viewed. She’s so radiant and emits elegance.


Chriselle Lim

She’s an amazing fashionista. She wears pieces that I never thought could go together and she is always coming up with a new outfit even though the piece has been seen in her other videos. Also, she always seems to have new clothes. I wonder where she gets them and how much money she spends.. xD


She is actually the very first fashion YouTuber I watched. I found her by accident I think and I instantly fell in love with her. This may sound weird and creepy but I really like her smile, and her deep voice. She is also more my age/generation so I really watch what she pairs her clothes with. Also, her video series, What Would Jenn Wear is really fun to watch. I just wish her videos were longer 😦


I don’t really know why I watch her videos. It just happened. But she has a very graceful, elegant yet edgy look so it’s so interesting to see how she wears simple/complicated pieces of wardrobe.


I watch her videos, but I could never pull off any of her outfits. But she has a very edgy style that somehow manages to make her look elegant at the same time. So, it’s interesting to see how she manages to keep her elegant aura while wearing edgy outfits.


You have been forewarned that Stephanie loves black clothes. A lot of her outfit of the day have black in them but she also loves unique pieces. One of her most unique pieces is her ridiculously large fur coat that I don’t know why she wears because she lives in California… She also has an amazing heel collection.



Most girls will love Casey. She is so fun, bubbly and positive and always have the most unique workouts that she creates. If you want something short and intensive, Casey is your girl!



I started watching her coz I wanted to watch more Bubz videos and her beauty videos weren’t often enough to satisfy my appetite. She pretty much uploads a vlog every other day and her vlogs are always so funny and brightens up my day, no matter how bad my day was. Also, I love Domo! Cannot get enough of that dog.


I didn’t watch her frequently until recently because I was always too lazy to watch a 15 minute vlog, but now when she uploads a vlog I watch it while I’m getting ready to go to school. It’s so amazing to see her and Aslan together and I never understood why they aren’t so lovey-dovey until recently but I’m cool with it. Although I’m still not used to Reggie..


I don’t watch her vlogs very often because she doesn’t upload as often, but it’s always fun to watch her, Mike and her two dogs interact. They are such a cute family and I love them.


She is also one of the rare uploaders of vlogs (but not this month coz she’s doing daily vlogging for June) but she always does the most interesting and fun things and she makes me wish I lived in England…


I love her. She’s so sweet and on camera she pretty much emits elegance. I’m so serious. Also, when she and Arnold are together, it makes me really wish I was spending time with my boyfriend. Arnold + Heart = Perfection.

Pranksters/Funny people


Aside from the fact that he’s soooooo good looking, he’s also very creative and original with his videos. He can really make your day a lot better if you’ve had a bad day. One of my favourite videos from him are his YouTuber Whispers which is always so funny to watch.

Jim Chapman

He is so funny! And honestly, I love how he calls all his subscribers best friends because it makes him seem a lot closer. His videos tend to be pretty short which I’m so sad about! But he is downright hilarious. I just love all his videos so much. Also, he and Tanya Burr? Omg, cutest couple ever.


I think I just love watching PB because he has the most unique voices ever which really makes him a lot more funny to watch. Also, he does similar videos to Joe and Jim so it’s interesting to see them do similar conceptual videos but how they change it up.


One of the only women that I watch and is comedic. Her Fairytale Friday’s are the reason why I am subscribed to her.

Musicians (non-Hollywood)


I think of all the artists I have ever listened to, she is one of the few with the most unique voices. My favourite song from her is her two songs for TFiOS, Tee Shirt and Not About Angels.


A good friend of mine actually introduced these brothers to me and I have listened to them ever since. If you are looking for a good cover, listen to them. They also typically make a lot of pop songs into ballad sounds and that’s what makes it even better. I love ballads. My favourite cover from them is Wrecking Ball ft. Diamond White. Also, their own song One Life is extremely inspirational.

Sam Tsui

Aside from being super cute and beautiful, he also has a beautiful voice. His most recent song I love the most is Human by Christina Perri. He tends to keep the songs into its original tune ie. if it’s a ballad it’ll remain a ballad in essence. His songs though usually have a hint of pop in them to make them slightly more upbeat so usually when I’m really happy, I listen to his songs.

Kurt Schneider

He isn’t much of a singer, but he’s a very talented composer of music. A lot of his music on his channel is his own composition so it makes every song really unique. I don’t usually listen to his music so I don’t have a favourite. But I do enjoy it when Kurt and Sam make collaborations.

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