Fresh ‘Soy Face Cleanser’ Review

I needed a new cleanser (the Boscia Gel Cleanser wasn’t working for my skin) and I was going around Sephora, looking for the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Cleanser but my Sephora didn’t have one so I saw that their top cleanser was the Soy Face Cleanser. I remember hearing about this cleanser a long time ago so I decided to give it a try. I didn’t realize there was a small tub (1.7oz) and I remember about to buy the 5.1oz $38! The horror!

When I first used it, I squeezed it out of the tube and it has an opaque milky look and is a gel consistency, similar to the Boscia Gel Cleanser.

You have to wet your face before you put the cleanser on, and when I first did it, I noticed that it doesn’t really foam up. It does foam, but not big bubbles that I like. It’s more like thin bubbles.

The second thing I noticed about the cleanser, is that it says it is a rose smell, but for me it kind of smells like rose + cucumber. If you smell cucumber, it’s a soft and thin smell, but when you add it with rose it is strong. And it really doesn’t smell bad. It smells smoothing, like you’re giving yourself a cheap spa.

Now, to be fair, I have given this cleanser about a 2-3 week trial, and I must say that it is a very, very gentle cleanser. There are times when I feel like it really isn’t even washing my face. But, it has definitely helped improve my skin. My skin has gone crazy because of the Clarisonic and Boscia Cleansing Oil and after using this, my skin is now calming down and the acne is disappearing, leaving my skin a lot smoother.

The description offered in the Sephora website is pretty much a more ingredient based and simpler version of what I have just said above.

But the Sephora description also says that it removes make up and I am here to tell you that it does no such thing. I actually tried it after I removed the bulk of my eyeliner from my lids and it did nothing but smudge it to look like I just broke up with my boyfriend. It didn’t even remove the pore minimizer primer I had on, so I can safely say that it does not remove make up. It’s purely just a cleanser.

However, despite the problems above, I still really love this cleanser. I noticed that my skin is considerably smoother and much more bouncy. There aren’t as many break outs as before and I think that because of its gentle and rose/cucumber smell/ingredients, it really did held calm my skin down.

Will I repurchase?

No, I will not repurchase because right now I have the 1.7oz one, and I’m going to be buying the 5.1oz one because really, it’s worth the money.


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