Must Have Shoes

So I am a girl. And I think shoes can change an outfit completely.

If you have another pair of shoes to add to the mix, don’t forget to comment! But, I must say that I have targeted some of these shoes to specific brands however, other brands also make dupes or even better and more durable versions so don’t just go off my words alone.

Your thoughts wearing and trying on the shoes is what really matters.

Now, let’s get started! (:


Laced Up Booties

I really do love these kinds of shoes and here’s why. They can really help streamline your outfit. Because they aren’t completely high rise near your knee, when someone looks up and down your outfit they really follow through the legs and don’t stop.

It’s similar to art. Some artist’s like breaks in their painting that makes the viewers pause for a second before continuing, but then there are other artists that want everything to be smooth flowing so the viewer can take in all the information in one go.

Fashion and shoes can really do that also. Depending on the type of shoes you want, they can either make or break your outfit.

Every kind of booties have their own look. I recommend experimenting, but if it is too out of your comfort zone, don’t worry, stick with something you’re comfortable wearing every day.

Combat boots

I’m talking Dr. Marten’s.

And also walking out of my comfort zone.

Whenever I see people wear Dr. Marten’s, or when I imagine what kind of people like to wear Dr. Marten’s, I think of people who like rock music, or like leather clothes. And I most definitely not that kind of people. But at the same time, I wanted a pair of timeless shoes that can really give off an edgy vibe when I wear it.

A lot of people see me as the quiet nerd type person, but when I put on these shoes they totally can change that outlook (which I cannot change anymore in high school since people already know me) on who I am and what kind of a person I am.

Plus, these shoes are amazingly easy to walk in! I mean, it took me like a week to break into them but even during that week, it was nice to walk in!

I don’t think these shoes are necessities because they work very similar to laced booties but they are just different in wear and heel. However, if you do have to choose between the two, even I would go with Combat boots.


Who doesn’t want to be warm during the summer? Oh woops, I mean winter!

But these shoes are amazing. And I can attest to that because I’m from Australia which is kind of funny because the founder of UGGS is from California which is the sunniest place in the world. But I think it is called UGGS Australia because the sheep wool/skin is from Australia.

Regardless, these shoes are really amazing. While they cannot be worn in Australia coz I don’t think it gets that cold (or, it never got that cold when I still lived there!) in America, they totally work.

I love these because they are really easy to wear and easy to pair with clothes.

I love these the most because of the fact they can be slipped on and worn with any sort of clothes. Wear it with jeans, leggings, jeggings, shorts, anything- seriously.

Even though yes, they are pricey, the will last you such a long time if you take care of it and worship it (no, jokes, don’t need to worship it- just take care of it xD). Also, I actually made my pair disgusting because I got lazy from wearing socks and wanted to feel the warmth of the wool- DON’T BE LAZY WITH THEM!!


I know people who hate Toms because they are made of canvas and they do not have that much of a sole which is actually bad for your feet.

But I really do love them. I love them because, similar to UGGS, they are easy to slip on and can be paired with everything.

Also, they are easier to wash because you can just throw them into the washer (but make sure you stuff it with newspaper afterwards so it retains its shape after dried!). However, I must say that you cannot wear them consecutively too much because it does make your feet ache after a while. i wore them for two weeks straight and my feet started to really hurt, AND I wore them during the summer so I got a Tom’s tan that is still not gone yet…even after all these months…

While yes, expensive, but they are hard to break (unless you literally wear them all the time then the canvas will eventually break) and to be honest, I really bought them because of the One for One deal Toms have.

Sperry Topsider

I have never heard of Sperry’s before in my life until a friend I met at a summer program introduced me to them. And I also had to buy another pair of shoes because my Toms were killing my feet….

And honestly, SO COMFORTABLE!

If you get a pair of neutral looking pair of Sperry’s they can be worn almost in any way you want.

But, you have been warned that they are a pain in the ass to break into and I think that’s because it’s in a flat type form but they only take like 3-4 days to break into.


I think these are the most necessary of heels because 1. they do not hurt your feet if you wear them for a long time and 2. they are much easier to walk in.

I also think that these are great to wear no matter what season it is. I mean, unless you live in a part of the world that snows often during winter, then I suggest wearing winter wedges rather than the summer open toe wedges. But that’s just common sense right? (:


The reason that I have this other category is because these are shoes I don’t own but most people think of it as also must have shoes.

Knee High Boots/Equestrian Boots

I am actually so jealous of all the girls that can actually wear these types of shoes and actually pull it off!

I love this style and honestly, if I could pull it off I would most definitely wear these shoes. But the reason why I cannot wear these shoes is because of my legs. My legs are weird in that I am extremely meaty in those areas, so I have yet to have found a store/online store that have a wide top enough for me to wear.

Warning though, if you buy these boots too tight for your frame, it can either make you look short, or make you look fat. So make sure to buy a pair of boots that have some space in it. Plus, if you were to wear them with jeans but tried them out with a dress, it can give you some major frustration.

I do recommend this style to anyone who likes the classy sophisticated look. I honestly, am so sad that I cannot pull these types of shoes, but then again, not every single style fits every single person.

Ankle Booties

As you may have realized by now, the reason why I do not own any of these shoes is either, 1. I haven’t found the correct pair or 2. they make me look fat. And those reasons are also why I do not own a pair of ankle booties.

Don’t get me wrong, I also ADORE these kinds of shoes. I actually have my eye on several buy I have held back because of 1. their price and 2. they way they make me look.

But these are so cute! Easy to slip on and easy to wear. I honestly feel that this is a staple in every woman’s shoe, but like I have said before, not every style can be worn on every single woman.

And because I do not own a pair of these, I have nothing much to say about theses. But they are gorgeous and if you are blessed with a pair of short OR long legs, or thin or thinnish legs, then you can most likely pull them off. But, if otherwise, I suggest you hold back on getting them. But, these are just suggestions, so go against what I say if you think otherwise (:


Now, I’m a little iffy on these shoes. I love flats, don’t get me wrong. And I love how easy they are to wear and how easy it is to pair them with things but the problem I have with these is…

Well, let’s just start from the beginning shall we? To me, I am quite short. Compared to my boyfriend, I am EXTREMELY short. So I now have preferences to wear heeled shoes (I never had this preference before coz all the other guys I had dated weren’t a head taller than me -_-).

So for me, these kinds of shoes have become seldom in my wardrobe. Plus, they also break a lot easier because they don’t have a thick sole and are usually made of cloth.

Plus, I also have quite thick thighs, so when I wear flats it emphasizes my thighs and I don’t like having my flaws emphasized.


Now, if you follow fashion YouTubers like SoothingSista or clothesencounter, then you probably realize that they LOVE platforms. Especially those chunky large ones and look like they can kill you with one wrong step. And that is seriously why I do not want a pair- not because I cannot pull them off.

For me, the practicality doesn’t exist for me to invest in these shoes. The reason being that I am a high school student, about to go to college, and I don’t want a pair of thick and heavy pair of shoes following me around. I want something practical that can be seen as a staple but be worn in a way that I want it ie. classy or edgy.

However, it does look gorgeous and if you think you can make it work, I see no reason why not to invest. However, you should probably be a very steady walker, and not a clumsy one like me >_<


By now, you have probably realized that I am very flawed and that is why I buy certain types of shoes.

Buying shoes is pretty much you targetting your flaws. I want to look taller, slimmer so that’s why I buy shoes that make me look that way, not because I think they are trendy (but that is also why!).

Life is too short for you to follow fashion trends, but it is also too long for you to be impractical with your purchases.

I realize that I have a ton of shoes, and no doubt I will be buying a whole lot more but these are the shoes that I require to live a city life and a student life.
Don’t forget to sm:)le today! (:


∞ sofieyah ∞

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