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Hey guys! I wanted to do this but I didn’t know how until I watched essiebutton’s last brand focus video on Tarte (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3NGAlCbUhY) and I decided that I should do one on emcosmetics too! I have accumulated quite a few products so I think I know enough to decide my opinion of it.I just want to put a disclaimer out there that this is my first time doing this so if I don’t know what I’m doing, I apologize!Also, emcosmetics isn’t paying me to write what I am about to write.So now that the boring stuff is over, let’s start!

Michelle Phan created this make up line. If you do not know who she is, she is a beauty guru on YouTube (link: http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan/videos) who has gained a large amount of fame from making YouTube videos.She recently launched this make up line last year and it isn’t more than a year old? However it has been in a few years in making. It is in partnership with L’Oreal.
This make up brand is “a reflection of me”. Michelle often says that it is a make up brand that she created for her subbies.
The following are the products I own:
Life Palette in Day Life
Love Me For Me Powder & Foundation
Concealer Palette
Creamy Color Matte Lipstick in Passion Berries & Bachelorette
Lip Balm in Berries
Waterliner in Black Knight and In The NudeI will go through all these products in full detail.
Life Palette in Day LifeI bought this palette almost a few days after the website and the make up line got launched. The reason why I got this was because 1. I thought it was practical; 2. it was worth the money and; 3. it was by Michelle Phan.After having used it for awhile, I a few flaws, but overall, it was pretty good. The pigmentation was great, the pay off was just as amazing.However, the few flaws was that, 1. the color in the pictures don’t look similar. It may look light on the pictures, but in reality it just might be a shade darker. 2. there is a lot of fall outs.When I first got it I was so excited that I didn’t use it at first but kind of just played with it.
Then I accidentally dropped one of the tools into the blush and that action itself made the fall out into the lip parts.Overall though, I think it’s a great product that is totally worth the money and the time. Now though, I depotted all my lip products into the travel case when I’m not using it to keep it safe.. hope it stays!!

Will I repurchase this?

No. I think it isn’t as practical as she or other people are making it seem.

Love Me For Me Powder & Foundation

This is one of their few signature collections, the Love Me For Me, I recently purchased it because they had a promotion where if you buy the powder you get the matching foundation. I was so happy! Because I bet the foundation is going to be in high 20’s when it becomes avaliable to purchase alone.

I bought the shade in buff 13 thinking it was the right match. I have to say, I dislike the website a bit. A lot of the shades are different in person than online. I wish they would come into Sephora or Ulta so I can actually be there to purchase it because this is starting to lower my confidence in their products.

Anyway, aside from the problematic pictures, I’m going to talk about the foundation. It is very creamy. It doesn’t come in the traditional 1oz. but 0.98oz. Like I just said, it’s creamy and easy to apply. It is also easy to blend with a buffing brush which I am very pleased with.

Next is the powder. Michelle says that it can be used as a setting powder or as a foundation and she was really not lying! The coverage is A-mazing for a powder! I think it’s so amazing. BUT, I must warn anyone like me that usually uses a brush to apply powder, it gets crumbly from a brush. The applicator it comes with is really small but helps with the coverage. However, a warning: if you are too heavy handed with your powder, it can become really cakey and it will eventually look like you slathered on make up on your face which, I don’t think is the best way to present yourself.

However, the powder is great.

Whether this combination is long lasting or not I cannot say, but I kept it on for about 10 hours and it still looked pretty good after that. This does NOT oxidize.

Will I repurchase this?

Yes. I honesty think the product is amazing and is worth the money spent. However I think I’m going to take a break from emcosmetics for a bit because I am still not very trusting of the website.

Concealer Palette

I love the concept. Who doesn’t? It pretty much does everything you want concealer to do- covering dark circles and hiding dark spots.

And it does what it should- conceals.

While it does conceal initially, what kind of concealer doesn’t do that?

I don’t look in the mirror very often because I have classes, but it doesn’t even last past 6 hours.

In the application process, I dislike it a little. It is creamy, but a little oily? It’s also very slippery in that a slight touch that make it move and make it look ugly. It creases a little but it’s nothing I cannot handle.

Something else I dislike about this product is that I am the type of person that doesn’t get lighter or darker during the year, so I pretty much do not use the lighter or darker shade of the palette. The high lighter is also something I do not use because I have my own highlighter. The main shade is also very big. I think when Michelle designed this she didn’t have a lot of dark circles or spots (omg, I swear she has perfect skin…) so she made the main shade bigger but I wish the peach neutralizer and the yellow corrector was bigger coz I need them more. I don’t use the palette much anymore because I know I’m almost hitting pan on the two pots I use the most.

Will I repurchase this?


Why? Because while I love the idea, the packaging and everything, in some ways it is a little unpractical. The application process isn’t as great as other concealers and is a little too oily for my taste. But still, kudos to Michelle.

Waterliner in Black Night and In The Nude

Before I start my review, I need to add that I have always been slightly biased towards black eyeliners because I like how they make my eyes pop. So that means that I have not used enough of In The Nude to write a very comprehensive review, but I have used it a few times to know the general gist of things.

Black Night: before this eyeliner I have yet to find an eyeliner that can actually stay on my waterline.

Anyways, Michelle Phan made this eyeliner that will stay on the waterline and to be honest, I am iffy about that (I know iffy isn’t the best word…).

If you are someone who uses eyeliners on the upper waterline, then you will love this. Because it REALLY stays. At the end of the day, it is still dark and still visible.

However, if you put it on your lower waterline which I do, it comes off and loses it’s pigment if you don’t reapply or if you didn’t put enough in the first place. But, to be fair, it is a very very very amazing waterliner and definitely deserves all praise.

If you are someone who uses pencil eyeliner to create a cat eye (which some people do) then this ain’t for you.

The pigment is very dark, and when I first got it I actually swatched it on my hand and it was still there the next day- mind you, it was faded but it was still visible.

In The Nude- I have a few nude eyeliners because I hear it can really make your eyes pop and look awake, but I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or something it doesn’t work. The same with this eyeliner. It is a waterliner so I do put it on my lower waterline but unlike the one in black, it doesn’t stay on for longer than an hour. It disappears after awhile and it just makes me look like I’m even more tired.

Not too impressed with this color regardless.

Will I repurchase?

I will possibly repurchase the waterliner in Black Night, HOWEVER, taken into the price considerations AND shipping, I don’t think it’s worth it. I would rather try the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner and see what the hype over those eyeliners are about.

Creamy Color Lipstick in Passion Berries and Bachelorette

My first review will be for Passion Berries. This is my first matte lipstick, AND my first dark lipstick and honestly, I LOVE IT! I think the pigmentation is amazing, the color pay off is just as great (they might be the same thing….awk!).

I expected it to be dark, so when I saw the picture and the real thing I wasn’t surprised. When I opened it there are sparkles in it which I was worried about, but when you apply it the sparkers are virtually non-existent.

Now for bachelorette. It’s a gorgous pink color. But when you look at the original picture on the website, it looks so much lighter! But nope, it’s still really dark.

While I cannot forgive the misleading visual images, the color pay off is just great though. It’s a beautiful dark pink. It is beautiful. No words needed anymore.

One thing I must say about these lipsticks though, is that they chap your lips like crazy! I wear it for like an hour or two and it peels off my lips. It’s disgusting. I tried wearing their lipbalm under Passion Berries and it did no good. I then tried using Vaseline and it got better. But that’s quite saddening to me for the fact that I gotta use Vaseline every time I wear their lipsticks. That’s a no-no.

Will I repurchase?


I love the texture and I love the payoff. But I hate the end results and the price.

Pillow Plush Lipbalm in Berries

I have a love hate relationship with lipbalms. I love them because they can work for a certain time and can give the lips the extra color depending on what type of lip balm you get. I hate them because they mostly end up chapping my lips (for now, only Vaseline doesn’t) and I especially hate them in pot form. But I bought this because I heard a lot of great reviews.

The color is great! It kind of functions like a lipstick actually because the color is great. It’s sheer but there is enough for people to notice it being there.

There is quite a lot of product. It smells like yummy candy! Which is a total plus.

For the price though…I ain’t so excited.

In conclusion, I have a love hate relationship with this lipbalm also.

Why I repurchase this?


I don’t think it works as what it is supposed to however everyone’s lips is different so don’t think about it just based on my own opinion!

Some general things I would like to say about the website and the brand.They recently began international shipping and have lowered the price on a lot of their products (so this is the prime time to purchase!). However it is only a dollar cheaper so I don’t see that as “cheaper” especially given on their shipping prices. But I live within the States so I don’t know their shipping rates for international orders.I talked to their customer service and they are very nice. However I do not think they have a lot of girls on the job so it is quite hard to talk to them. I have also spoke with them on the phone. I am honestly a little bit iffy about their phone service. The girl I spoke to didn’t sound pleased to receive my call so, that was a little bit unpleasant with their customer service.I think they stopped the online chatting but now requires calls. I don’t know why they discontinued that service but who would actually call them? No offense but that just makes talking to them a complete hassle and chore. Michelle, if you are reading this, please bring it back. I don’t want to have to call someone every single time I have a small question that can be answered in a second by typing it.

As an overall brand of emcosmetics, I will give it a 7/10. The products screams creativity and usefullness. However some are not as useful as others. The packaging is great, but the price ruins it.

Michelle Phan, if you are reading this, I want to say a thank you for this brand. You have done a truly remarkable job. I wish I could love it 10/10 but I think I say for all high school students out there who are your subbies, that your products are slightly hard to afford. It is no different than buying products from Sephora brands. But still, good job nonetheless!


This is the end of my brand focus! I realize this is an extremely long blog post but I hope you have stuck with this till the end! It took me an hour to write…but I think it’s worth it (:

Don’t forget to SM:)LE!

∞ sofieyah ∞

2 thoughts on “em Cosmetics Review

  1. This post is so helpful! I have been looking into trying some things form emcosmetics since I love to watch her videos and it’s great to hear which products are good and which aren’t really worth it. I just found your blog and I love all of your posts! They are so informative and I love the way you write! I am so excited to read more upcoming posts! 🙂

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